Considerably more cost-effective than purchasing equipment, hiring an exercise bike for your home also provides you with the chance to lose weight and tone up in total privacy.

Why exercise bikes?

Exercise bikes offer an enjoyable way to improve your fitness. When you work out on an upright bike, you can easily enjoy your favourite shows on TV at the same time, making it far easier to exercise for longer and achieve better results.

Biking at its best

At Gym2You we’ve examined all the bikes available to bring you a superior model from a top-notch brand. Taking up very little surface area, our home upright exercise bike is perfectly designed when you’ve got limited space to work out, and is stylishly presented to boot.

Fantastic features

Equipped with an 8kg flywheel, this impressive exercise bike also features 32 individual levels of computer-controlled resistance. This allows you to keep advancing your difficulty level as your fitness improves over time. Featuring a Blue LCD display that’s always clear to read, you’ll be able to keep track of all kind of data while you pedal. Information on your RPM, distance covered, speed attained, calories burned, pulse rate and how long you’ve been cycling for are all front and centre, right where you need them.

Fully tested and delivered to your door

All our home upright exercise bikes are checked extensively before being delivered to your home. These checks include mechanical and PAT testing that makes certain all components work at optimum performance. You can select the time your exercise bike arrives, picking evening or weekend delivery times if that’s more convenient for your busy schedule. We’ll then install your upright bike in a place of your choosing and give you a comprehensive demonstration, leaving you to enjoy its features in confidence.

Get in touch with the team at Gym2You to hire your exercise bike and step up your fitness programme today.