Finding time to exercise

Finding time to exercise or complete a workout can sometimes be challenging which can often lead to you putting it off altogether. If its being busy with work, children, or something else entirely that is stopping you from reaching your fitness goals you could try one of these ideas to help you get back on track!

Exercising at the same time each day.

For some, choosing to workout at the same time of day can help to keep them motivated as it quickly becomes part of your daily routine. Whether it be a 20 minute run on the treadmill first thing in the morning before the school run, a fitness class on a break at work or a session on the exercise bike in the evening, picking a time that suits your schedule and can be a great way of making sure you make time to exercise.

Planning ahead

If you prefer to have a more organised schedule and plan ahead of time to fit things in then sitting down at the start of each week with your diary/planner could help. If sticking to the same time each day is not something that works for you, you may find it more helpful to plan your exercise as you would your work/life schedule. Adding times to exercise throughout the week into a diary or planner can really help make it more achievable.

Do what suits you.

Planning to do 7 workouts a week is just not attainable for everybody and also not necessary. If you overwhelm yourself with a busy schedule whilst also trying to add in numerous exercise days, then you will soon be put off and give up with the idea of exercise altogether. Do what works for you. Maybe its just one day a week having a quick go on the treadmill or exercise bike, a run/jog around your local area or maybe a rowing machine or cross trainer is more your thing! There are so many different ways to exercise, make sure it’s something you enjoy!